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Top Hadley Pottery Patterns of 2012 Revealed

January 31, 2013

Have you ever wondered if the Hadley pattern you collect is…well, popular? If your taste in stoneware design is shared with the masses, or if you’ve got unique taste?  Wonder no more…here are the top 10 Hadley Pottery patterns sold at in 2012.

Country was queen in 2012, with 7 of the top 10 hailing from the Hadley Country Collection…so many country patterns to choose from and to mix and match on the table!

Unique stoneware patterns from Hadley Pottery

  1. Pig
  2. Cow
  3. Christmas Tree
  4. Horse
  5. Blue Horse
  6. House
  7. Lamb
  8. Lighthouse
  9. Dog
  10. Chicken

Missing from the 2012 list? Donkey and Beach Umbrella ranked in the Top 10 in 2011, but didn’t quite make the list in 2012.

Top Hadley Patterns from 2011

How many of these scenes grace your dinner table?  We’d love to know!

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  1. Libby permalink
    April 11, 2013 7:54 pm

    I have a yellow fluted pie crust green edged bowl with blue dots under the green. It is 11 by 3 and a half inches with a picture of an orange flower plant with roots painted inside and signed M. A. Hadley on the bottem. I would like to know if Mary made this bowl herself. Any reply would be appreciated

    • April 12, 2013 5:58 am

      Hello, Libby. Thanks so much for your comment on our recent blog post. In regards to your MA Hadley piece, it may not be possible to say with certainty whether or not Mary Alice Hadley painted it herself, but if you can send us a photo by email, we’ll have our experts take a look and tell you whatever they can.

      Please send a couple of photos of your piece, including one showing the signature on the bottom. We’ll do the best we can to determine its history.

      Thanks again!

      Jennifer Hojnacki

      Director of Marketing

      Hadley Pottery

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