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Birthplace Shocker…Mary Alice NOT born in Louisville!

May 15, 2011

Thanks to everyone who participated in Day 1 of our 100th birthday trivia…while most of you guessed (logically) that Mary Alice was born in the birthplace of Hadley Pottery itself, in fact she was born in…Terre Haute, IN!

While we associate Mary Alice with Louisville and Kentucky in general, in fact she had strong ties to the state Indiana, where she was born, went to college, and met her husband George.

Terre Haute is now the site of one of the largest collections of Hadley Pottery. Rose-Hulman University boasts Hadley Hall, which houses over 400 mostly one-of-a-kind Hadley pieces.

Hadley Hall on the Campus of Rose-Hulman University, Terre Haute

Given Mary Alice’s Indiana grounding, it’s no suprise to us that, after Kentucky, Indiana is home to the most Hadley collectors in the country, according to our 2010 Collector survey! We love our Hoosier brand fans!

To learn more about Mary Alice, visit

Stay tuned to facebook for daily MAH trivia as we celebrate her 100th birthday through June 14!  You can win daily pottery prizes by posting a photo of yourself with your favorite piece to facebook or by e-mailing your photo directly to us!

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