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Royal Couple Reveals Stoneware Pattern

April 27, 2011

With less than 36 hours left in the wait for the royal nuptials, as the world tries to rest up and cook up their call-in-sick-to-work excuses for Friday, the happy couple has finally revealed their stoneware selection. The only wedding detail more hotly debated and anxiously awaited than that of their everyday dinnerware is Miss Middleton’s wedding dress itself. While much of the world looked on in wonderment, the couple’s choice of dinnerware was no surprise to throngs of Hadley devotees, who suspected that the couple would opt for the warm, whimsical, and iconic scenes created by Mary Alice Hadley herself. 

A source close to the couple indicated that Kate and William spent several hours on making their selections from the company’s dozens of patterns and hundreds of pieces.  Apparently the groom favored outdoor scenes  like Skiier, while the bride preferred the more traditional country patterns.  Fortunately, Hadley’s patterns can be mixed and matched on the table, so both husband and wife are reported to be very happy with their final selection.

Whether it was the pottery’s darling designs or its conversation-starting abilities, few familiar with Hadley doubt that the couple will share many a happy meal (hopefully with their future royal offspring) on their hand-painted, hand-crafted stoneware, shipped directly to them from Louisville, KY.

Well, maybe this is just our wonderful Hadley imagination running a bit wild, but really, who wouldn’t love to see William serving his bride a home-cooked meal on a beautiful Hadley plate?

We want to know if YOU’LL be watching the nuptials this Friday…take our quick survey to let us know!

william kate stoneware

Beautiful couple + beautiful pottery = beautiful life! Hadley offers a variety of personalized items for weddings, babies, and other special occasions.

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