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Spotlight On… Maude Woods!

July 28, 2010

This week we are featuring another one of our Hadley retailers- Maude Woods.  We caught up with the owner, Carrie Davich, during lunchtime at her beautiful shop in Old Town Pasadena, CA.

Shop Name: Maude Woods: Artful Living   (
Location: 55 E. Holly Street, Pasadena, CA 91103
Store Hours: Tues-Sat, 11:00-6:00
Phone: 626-577-3400
Open Since: October 2009

Discovering Hadley (DH): Carrie, thank you for taking the time today to tell us more about Maude Woods.  Tell us about your store–how would you describe it?
Carrie Davich (CD): Maude Woods: Artful Living is old and new living together in the same space. We mix new, upscale furnishings with vintage and renovated second-hand treasures.  Shoppers may feel they’ve entered someone’s beautiful home.

DH: How do your customers feel about Hadley Pottery?
CD: I often hear our Hadley customers say things like “Oh, I grew up eating on these dishes!” or “My grandparents had these dishes…”  It definitely brings back fond memories for them.

DH: What other brands or items do you carry that complement Hadley in the home or on the table?
CD: We have many beautiful items in our store, many of which could pair well with Hadley, especially our line of white pottery dishes.  Although, I would have to say that Hadley Pottery tends to stand on its own.  Many of my customers purchase Hadley pieces to display in their kitchens with the rest of their collections.

DH: Which Hadley items are most popular with your clients?
CD: The flare mugs and the coasters- many of my customers say they use the coasters as spoon rests.

DH: What 3 adjectives would you use to describe Hadley?
CD: Collectable, whimsical, and charming

DH: Now that we know a little more about Maude Woods and the Hadley customers who shop there, what are some things you are passionate about?
CD: Besides my store, I love collecting, gardening, needlepoint, and spending time with my kids- I have a son and two daughters.

DH: Carrie, thank you for giving us a glimpse into the beautiful and unique “home” that is Maude Woods: Artful Living. We wish you much success, and we hope our readers will stop by for a visit the next time they are in sunny Southern California!

Maude Woods offers both American and European items.  For a list of other unique brands  featured at the store, click here.

Maude Woods: Artful Living is named for Davich’s great-grandmother, an artist from Phoenix, AZ.

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  1. Esther Kershaw permalink
    October 13, 2010 4:10 am

    I am very interested in the Name Hadley, since that was my artistic grandmpthers amiden name. Lizzie Hadley an only child has many very large oil paintings in around Indianapolis. She attended Earlham College befor ethe turn of the 1800 -1900 century.

    Her father had a drug store in Mooresville and her mother )as I understand_ designed ladies hats.

    Art is and was a big interest in our fmaily.

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