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Hadley Fans Are Cookin’ It Up!

July 19, 2010

There’s a whole lot of home cooking going on among us Hadley fans! When asked in our recent poll “How many nights a week do you prepare a home-cooked meal?” over 80% of you responded that you cook almost every single night, and 14% of fans said they cook a few times a week!  That’s a lot of yummy meals being prepared each week (with some of them being served on your Hadley collection, perhaps?).

Less than 5% of fans responded “Does ordering take-out count as cooking?“.  Well, not everyone can be blessed with culinary talents, right?  And some of us are probably better off leaving it up to the experts.  Or, maybe we’ve spent many years cooking for everyone, and we deserve a little break.

Either way, we sure do enjoy learning more about our fans.  Look for upcoming posts with recipes from popular Hadley events like the Mother’s Day Tea Party Sale at the factory in Louisville.  Until then… Bon Appetit!

& The Hadley Family

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